Hiring a freelance copy-editor

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Hiring a freelance copy-editor

The advantages of commissioning a sole trader

I’ve been mulling the merits of engaging a freelance copy-editor over employing the services of an editorial consultancy.

Here are my conclusions:

• Employees are answerable to the boss; the sole trader is answerable to the client.

• The one-person company (OPC) is flexible: the sole trader does not adhere to business hours, so work can be undertaken at unconventional times of the day (or night), as well as over weekends and during public holidays.

• It is in the interest of the OPC to ensure work is undertaken to a high standard and that it is completed on time and on budget: the reputation of a sole trader is at stake if these parameters are not met.

• The act of setting up as an OPC shows dedication and faith is one’s abilities.

• Because the OPC is able to make decisions without consulting a manager, changes can be adapted swiftly.

• The sole trader has few overheads, meaning the client is offered a highly competitive rate.

• The OPC has neither the time nor the opportunity to waste on office politics.

• Emails are not lost in the corporate ether.

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