After spending months researching and assembling your assignment or dissertation, it is virtually impossible to look at it objectively, and this is true of the most competent, native English-language speaker.

Hiring a professional proofreader will ensure that your assignment is in the best shape possible. The essay will flow much more freely, it will make sense more readily both to yourself and to the examiner, and it will ensure that the content of your assignment is comprehensible beyond ambiguity.

Grammar, punctuation and spelling, along with sentence structure, are criteria upon which examiners award around 10% of marks.

Due to my background in print, I also look at layout, formatting and style so that text is aesthetically pleasing. I add any diacritics that have been omitted and will suggest improvements to vocabulary by giving an overview of your work and where attention needs to be focused before you submit it to examiner scrutiny.

Your assignment cannot be rewritten – words can be transposed, irregularities smoothed out, apostrophes added – but the content is yours alone.

Many students assume that using the spell-checker tool will suffice when it comes to reviewing assignments, but as a professional proofreader, I spot mistakes that are not underlined on spell-check, that are context-specific or that are simply unknown to someone who has not been trained to proofread. When you use a computer in any capacity, it becomes obvious that it does not possess common sense.

Examples of the failures of the spell-check facility to spot mistakes that Foolproof has come across include:

  • Context: ‘basis of approach’ instead of ‘bases of approach’.
  • Repetition: ‘the following need to follow the guidelines as follows’.
  • Grammar: ‘none of them were’; ‘less car journeys than in the 1950s’.
  • Abbreviations: ‘Native species, ie, hawthorn, proliferate.

Lovers of the English language may spot a ‘practise’ from a ‘practice’, but spotting a missed hyphen in an adjectival phrase is a skilled art, as is spotting a couple of letters that are .5pt smaller than the rest of the text.

I would not presume to take on the guise of third-year student in politics because I have not spent three years immersed in the subject; in the same way, something as vital as the very words upon which an entire future career depends should be afforded high-priority status.

If you are a student looking for proofreading services, please do not hesitate to get in touch.