Taking credit for another’s idea

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Taking credit for another’s idea

I worked for a very well-known global company for six years. 

It upset the hell out of me there was one cleaner who tidied up for 550 workers, some of whom threw, for example, half-full coffee cups and half-eaten (ceramic) plates of food in the bin (trash).

I found a huge plastic bottle of sugar sachets, tipped them out, and sent the bottle round the three rooms named after areas of the world where these creative thinkers, translators, and copy-editors originated, asking people to contribute to this woman’s enormous and unrecognised contribution.

When the bottle got to Australasia, one of the bosses found out and confiscated it, claiming it was illegal in the US to give money to cleaners.

I was massively embarrassed by her actions (I’m talking maroon-coloured cheeks spreading down to my sternum), and I was also very upset.

Even more embarrassingly, I told a fellow colleague what had happened, unaware he was an even bigger cheese than she was.

The upshot was $1,764. 

The woman who had castigated me called the cleaner into her office unbeknown to me and said it was her idea.

I didn’t want any credit for the collection, I just wanted her to know people appreciated her.

There is no comeback to a high-end boss with zero scruples and conscience.

Does anyone know how to deal with these types of people?

(I had a small comeback because the cleaner was Mexican and I speak Spanish.)