Top tips for students

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Top tips for students

Read the question very carefully.

Answer the question.

Write a short  introduction – explain what you will be discussing.

Let it flow – on the initial draft, get down all you want to say in an ongoing stream of writing; don’t focus on refining it.

Format it – text looks and reads better when there is double line spacing, pictures, graphs and good-sized margins.

Keep it simple – use plain language, e.g., ‘the project needed a supervisor’ and not ‘the project required a supervisor’.

Shun cop-speak – use ‘now’ instead of ‘at this point in time’, ‘car’ not ‘vehicle’.

Avoid repetition.

Keep track of research – insert references as you go along.

Pare back – delete words and sentences that are superfluous.

Re-read – preferably print out a copy on which you can mark any changes and add comments before going back to the digital copy to make amendments.

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